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I have been having pt sessions with Hobbs Fitness for nearly a month now! And what can i say... i love the workout plans Gary does for me as there is always a mixture of different routines every week. I lost 6lb in the first 2 weeks and 13 inchs off parts of my body :), which im really chuffed with. I always look forward to the session and i aim to have 2 sessions a week ( believe me i would have more if i could) They are that great. I have been into fitness for 6 years now and have a really high fitness level, but with the workout Gary gives me you can def feel the burn, and that's how i know he has worked my body hard to get the results i want :))! At 32 i eat healthy and look after myself fitness wise, but thanks to Hobbs fitness my body is toning up very nicely :) and i will continue my sessions as long as possible. Thank u x

Pamela Hill

Gary has helped motivate me back to training hard and regular, our weekly PT sessions and the recommended change in my nutrition has already seen me lose 6lb, 5% body fat and over 4 inches across my body. In just 4 weeks.

Barry Thurston

Since joining Hobbs Fitness I have been getting some really amazing results! My fitness has improved so much that I have now joined a relay team to run in the Milton Keynes marathon this April! The atmosphere is really fantastic and you get a lot of support! I look forward to every session and never find an excuse not to go! I have really noticed a difference in my body shape. I am also starting to see some muscle definition, which I have never managed to achieve! I would defiantly recommend Hobbs Fitness to anyone looking for a friendly, positive environment that achieves amazing results that can be sustained!


I have been doing PT sessions with Gary from Hobbs fitness for the last 5 months. All sessions are different, but equally challenging, Gary concentrates on different muscle groups each week. My whole attitude to fitness has changed, and I enjoy every session!! My body shape has changed, and I am even starting to see definition in my stomach muscles, which after having two children I thought would be impossible, but I am finally getting there with Gary’s help and coaching J The sessions are fun, but always hard, he works you to your limit every time!! Like Charlotte Greaves, I am currently in training to run in relay style, the first ever marathon being held in Milton Keynes in April, before embarking on this exercise there is no way I would have ever considered doing something like this!! I am so proud of myself, and thankful to Gary for all he has made me achieve. If you want to make a life style change or just change your body shape, I highly recommend Hobbs fitness to be able to achieve your goals!!!

Jacqui Harley

I have been working with Hobbs Fitness for 7 weeks now, and I couldn't be happier with the results. I've lost 17 pounds, and loads of inches off my chest, legs, arms, & waist! The reason I enjoy working with Hobbs Fitness so much is Gary - he puts together an individual programme for you every single week, and it's never the same which keeps it interesting so you want to keep coming back. The sessions are tough as you'd expect, but you keep going because you get a lot of encouragement from him, and he makes it fun at the same time so you have a bit of a laugh. I can't recommend trying a session with him enough, you won't regret it and you'll be booking your next one before you know it!

Robbie Appleyard

What can I say about Hobbs Fitness apart from I have lost 13 inches 11lb in 6 wks. I really love what Gary does we have great training sessions with a good mixture on all pt's that I do I have 2 a week and really love it I enjoy burppies (strange)!!! and a great mixture of many other exercise we do never had two the same love the new 4 minute burst. I feel so much better doing exercise and feel and live healthier at the age of 36 I would never have gone to the gym as I have had no get up and go but I look forward to my pt's.

Angela Glover

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